Solar & Clean Energy

For: Commercial Building, Church, School, Government Building and Land Owners 

Rent your land and earn a steady income for decades!

Velocity Strategies partners compensate property owners to host a solar farm on their property. Regardless if it is a commercial building, a church, or raw land, you may be able to earn income from your property for 20 years or more.  Velocity Strategies works with our team to identify and negotiate with landowners and their representatives to purchase or lease land or properties to host solar farms. 

The process with landowners

  1. Property Identification

    Properties are identified that possess the strong potential to host renewable power. Our team does diligence on each site and then for the most promising sites either offer an Option Lease or Option to Purchase Agreement.Click here to tell us about your property

  1. Property Site Agreement

    Every site and owner are different, so we work with each property owner to meet the specific needs of that project. Typically, our team members that engage a property owner will execute either an Option to Lease or an Option to Purchase Agreement with the property or landowner.

  1. Development

    Property and Landowners collect an option payment and continue to use their land until construction on the solar project. Our team does all the work to bring the solar project to life as soon as possible.  Collectively, we manage the project, environmental studies, design the system, secure permits, execute agreements, and ultimately construct the project.

  1. Ongoing Operations

    Once a solar project is built it typically generates power for 20-40 years. Solar is low maintenance, quiet, and works every day that the sun shines! Our team members will arrange to keep the grounds landscaped and pays rent to lessors.

What is the Ideal Property?

A short list of things that are considered when a property is secured to host a site:

Commercial Building, Church, School, Government Building or Other Type

Large commercial rooftops

  • How much unencumbered space is on the roof
  • Is it flat and/or south facing
  • Nearby access to the grid
  • Who uses the power? The owner or a tenant?
  • What weight can the roof support? **
    ** Let's talk if your property has not worked with traditional solar panels as our team has access to some of the lightest solar materials in North America.  Because of this, our team may be able to help your building if conventional solar products have not been able to work in the past.

Raw Land

  • Limited wetlands
  • No endangered species
  • Nearby access to the grid
  • Relatively flat and south-facing
  • 5 to 25 acres* of developable land
    *Larger sizes are possible but present unique challenges. If you own 80 acres or more that are located on or near a transmission line, we may be able to develop a larger project on your land, and we want to hear from you!
Solar panels absorbing the suns energy on hot summer day